“What if you could outsource making homemade goulash out to cats?”

Meet Bizbot

Bizbot is a Discord bot that has lots of ideas for your next startup!


Bizbot is remixed from the Discord Starter. It uses Google Sheets as a database. That code came from: Google Sheet JSON API. To get started, you'll need:


  1. Remix this app!
    Remix on Glitch
  2. Add your keys.
    1. Open the source code, and naviagte to the .env file.
    2. Paste your tokens, and the spreadsheet URL on their respective line.
  3. Add your bot to your Discord server
    1. Go back to the Discord Developer dashboard
    2. Click on your bot.
    3. On the left hand panel select "Oath2"
    4. Scroll down to the section called "Scopes". Select "bot"
    5. Open the URL at the bottom of the box in your browser.
    6. Choose your server and click authorize
    7. Go back to your Discord server and see if your bot is there!


@bizbot new-startup tells you Bizbot's idea for a new company.

@bizbot all-ideas tells you all your ideas stored in a Google Sheet.

@bizbot strategy tells you a Oblique Strategy to help you come up with a new idea.